Geno7's Music Commissions


Give me money and I'll make music for you!!

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to genre. For examples of what I can do check my YouTube Channel or Consult The Phonochronographizer!

I offer two flavors of music commissions. Pick the one that's right for you!

Music Sketch Commissions

Tip me $10 minimum on ko-fi with a few descriptive words! A genre, a vibe, a theme for a character, what have you! I'll use that description to make you a little song!

Songs will be "Musical Sketches" - lofi, less than 30 seconds, and with simple instrumentation. As opposed to regular music commissions, the process is quicker and simpler, but does NOT involve revisions/corrections. Songs will be posted as videos on Twitter and with accompanying Google Drive links, I'll reply to your ko-fi message with a link to the song once it's done.

You're free to use a music sketch how you want (barring stuff that promotes hate speech) but they're not really something intended for use in serious for-profit stuff, they're just kinda fun doodles. Also if the song is a cover and you're intending to use it in a for-profit project that gets a bit complicated and I wouldn't reccommend it. In any event if you really like the music sketch I made you and are interested in having me flesh it out into a full song, we can talk.

Full Music Commissions

Contact Me:

Slot availability may fluctuate. I'll let you know when I reply to you.

$50 for songs less than 30 seconds
$75 for every 30 seconds of music
ADD $75 for lyrics/vocals

This is the option to go with if you're wanting a more involved commission. I'll send WIP demos of the songs I work on for you! Feel free to ask me for revisions. $10 for every revision after the first two.

On Revisions

What exactly constitutes a "Revision" is sort of nebulous but at the beginning of a song's life, it's something we're both kinda figuring out as I'm roughing it out. However, if a song reaches a later stage when a lot of work has been done on it and it's requested of me to redo a significant enough portion of it or change direction to a drastic enough degree, the amount of work I'm doing starts to add up and I want to make sure I'm compensated for it, which is why I charge $10 per revision after the first two revisions. But I definitely err on the side of the client with this and I always make sure to let you know if something is gonna count as a revision because I never want to charge you without your knowledge.


Generally speaking, any song I make you you're free to use however you want, barring stuff that promotes hate speech and all that. If a song is for a project that you intend to profit from, we may need to discuss further details, but it varies on a case-by-case basis.

Any compositions I make for you I reserve the rights to use or sell (as physical or digital album(s), as streaming, as monetized YouTube uploads, etc) and keep any profits, however, if a song is being made for a project and you'd prefer I wait for the project to be released before I make the song public, I'm totally fine with that.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!